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Where is your favourite holiday destination?

In a world where we're all or almost all of us are locked down and social distancing, it's nice to imagine we're on a tropical beach sipping cocktails as Chris Hemsworth runs out of the surf toward us clutching his surfboard with water droplets glistening on his tanned skin and...Sorry, got side tracked...instead of trapped in our houses surrounded by neverending piles of washing. So I'm curious, if you could be anywhere right now, other than at home reading my boring blog, where would you go? What's your ideal holiday destination and why do you love it so much? Have you been there, or is it a dream to go one day? For a person who hates the sand and doesn't like swimming, I love the beach. Weird, right? I know... but thats how I roll. I'm sort of a beach adjacent person. Like give me a beachside bar off the sand, and I'm a happy girl. My ideal holiday destination is Palm cove in Queensland, Australia. It's beautiful and the crystal clear water is full of deadly crocodiles and stingers (jellyfish) which is perfect for me, because that means no swimming allowed. It's hot all year round but because of the tropical climate it's very wet for half the year too. Cyclones, anyone? And you're probably wondering why the hell any sane person would want to visit a place like that? This is why....

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