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My routine when I'm feeling unmotivated

I woke up this morning and just wanted to stay in bed. After spending all weekend catching up on work, and watching a few training videos the last thing I wanted to do was look at my computer. But, I had the bro show who needed to be fed and attended to. If left to their ow devices, my house would likely burn down. I'm kidding, they're pretty good, but it would likely look like a tornado tore through the living room at least. And then as I was pouring my first of forty cups of coffee for the day, I realised homeschooling started today. Like for real. We've been homeschooling for the last month, but that was just me winging it. I found an app that gave them math and English questions for their grade level and let them at it. Today was an entirely different ball game and I needed to be prepared. So obviously I did the only three things I could do to psych myself up for the challenges that lay ahead that didn't involve pouring Baileys over my cornflakes. Yoga: It's truly good for the soul. I am the least active person you'll ever meet. I'm so uncoordinated that I can fall over standing still. Seriously. I did it last night in the kitchen. I was washing the dishes and just toppled over sideways, taking a bowl of hot soapy water with me. and let me tell you, that wasn't a walk in the park trying to get up off the wet soapy floor. But, back to the yoga. sorry, I got sidetracked again. I do that a lot. It's a real problem and one you'll either love or hate. Anyway... Yoga. There's something calming and relaxing about it. Sure, it can be hard work and difficult at times. There's no way in hell I can touch my toes, but after a yoga session I feel energised, and relaxed at the same time. My body feels calm and any tension that was there before is gone and I'm ready to face the day. Coffee: It keeps me, and everyone around me alive. Okay, maybe I'm not that extreme, but I am incredibly unapproachable in the morning without my coffee, and I haven't had my caffeine hit by about 11am, I will physically be sick. I'll get chills, and migraines and will sit with my head in a toilet until that first sip of pure bitter goodness passes my lips. But once that happens, I'm ready and rearing to go. Music: Loud music. It never fails to perk me up. Doesn't matter what song or what band. My taste in music varies as much as my taste in books. I can go from classic rock, to rnb, to pop and back again in a single playlist. I have heavy metal on rotation with the likes of Ed Sheeran and One Direction (total fangirl btw), throw in a little Jazz and Bon Jovi for good measure, and I'm pumped for the day. What about you? Do you have any little tricks or routines that help you get motivated when you really don't want to?

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