• Mackenzie Lane

Crossed Lines Cover and Blurb Reveal

Blurb and Cover Reveal for Crossed Lines coming this week!! Starting at a new college in middle of the year, all I want to do is survive each day without drowning in my own grief and despair. But when I find myself face to...the very naked back of my childhood sweetheart Crew, those little white pills I rely so heavily on to numb the pain don't seem to be enough anymore. When my boyfriend loses interest and check outs entirely and I'm feeling alone, I do the one thing I shouldn't. I call Crew. I don't want to see him and I don't want to speak to him, but I can't help it. The attraction is still there. The passion. The pleasure. The hurt. I'm an addict and my newest addiction is Crew; the sole reason for my heartbreak and grief. I hate him more than I ever loved him. Yet when my life falls apart again, Crew is the first one by my side showing me that maybe, just maybe things could be better with him. That I could be happy again...If I can let go of the past and tell him the secret I've been hiding from him for three years. The only problem, that secret could tear us apart before we even really have a second chance.


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