Grey - Chapter 9



Amelia collapses on my chest with a sigh, burying her head under my chin. Wrapping my arms around her, I hold her tight while I wait for my breath and heartbeat to slow down.

“Fuck,” I groan, my body still trembling.

She laughs softly and presses a kiss against my chest.

“Fuck!” I sit up against the headboard, pulling her with me.

She sits back on her haunches as she tilts her head. “What?”

“Drew. Shit. He’s on his way over.” I brush my hands over my face. He’s he last person I want to see right now.

Her eyes widen and she bites her lip. “I’m kind of thinking maybe now's not the right time to tell him about us.” She plays with the sheet in front of her, waiting for me to answer her.

“Really?” This surprises me a little but relieves me too.

I know we both want this and are ready to say fuck the consequences and admit everything, but now she’s having doubts and so am I. Not about her and me. That’s one thing I’m sure of. I’m just a pussy and wimping out on telling my best friend that if push comes to shove, I’m choosing his ex over him.  

I’m not ready to deal with the aftermath of that conversation just yet. It’ll destroy everything and put a strain on me and Amelia. I kind of want to keep her to myself a little while longer. Enjoy things the way they are and build something real, just her and me.

Amelia shrugs. “Yeah. I mean this is so new.” She waves her hand between us. “We’ve only just started things.” She sucks in a breath. “We are starting things, right? This wasn’t a one night only deal, was it?”

I cup her face, stroking my thumb across her still flushed cheek. “This is an every night and every day you’ll have me, sort of deal.” 

She releases the breath she was holding and breaks into a grin that could light up a room, her eyes sparkling as she shifts until she’s back straddling my lap, her arms draping over my shoulders. “You sure you’re ready for that?”

And suddenly I’m nervous. What if I’m reading too much into this? What if she has decided one night was enough? “If that’s what you want?”

“Yeah. I want that too.” She smiles, her lips a fraction from mine.

I tighten my hands on her hips and grin.  “Yeah?”


We’re both smiling and a little giddy as I close the distance, pressing my mouth to hers  when a knock at the door has both our smiles dropping. We pull apar and I curse.

“What do we do?” Her eyes flick between mine, panicked. The realisation Drew is outside sinks in, ending our morning sooner than either of us want.

“So we’re not telling him yet?”

She shakes her head. “I’m not ready for that shitstorm, even though he shouldn’t care. It’s not like he cared enough about me when he was screwing someone else on his birthday behind my back …”

I kiss her just to shut her up, not wanting to ruin this moment.

He knocks again and I ignore him. Maybe if I don’t answer the door, he’ll think I’ve fallen back asleep or something but Amelia pulls back.

“Grey, what do we do?” she whispers.

I climb off the bed with her still wrapped around me and carry her to the bathroom. I deposit her on the counter beside the sink. “We lie.”

“Are you okay with that?” She combs her fingers through my hair, dropping her forehead to mine.

“No. But, we’ve agreed to keep this between us for the moment so…” I shrug and nod toward the shower. “There’s not much else we can do. You shower and I’ll think of something.”

I kiss her one more time before walking out, making sure to close the bathroom door behind me. Pulling on a pair of shorts, I try to fix my hair so it doesn’t look like I’ve just been fucked, and go to greet Drew.

On the way to the door I grab a blanket from the spare room, pulling the door closed before I make up a messy looking bed on the sofa in the living room. Hopefully that will fool Drew into thinking I slept there last night, and not getting naked with my dream girl.

He knocks again, getting more frustrated with each one. I yank the door open with a yawn, stretching my arms as I do. “What?”

“What the fuck took you so long?”

“I just woke up.” I move to the side letting him in.

“I called you forty five minutes ago,” he says, brushing past me and heading straight to the kitchen.

I rub the back of my neck. “Yeah, umm… I fell back asleep.”

Shit, I suck at lying.

“You look like shit.”

“Dude, I’m hungover as fuck right now. You’re lucky I even opened the door.”

“Is that your shower on?” He looks over his shoulder toward my room.


“Your shower is running.”

 “Ah...yeah...I guess it is.”

Drew arches an eyebrow and smirks. Fishing a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, he indicates the back yard with a nod. I grab my own smokes from the counter and follow him out.

“So that’s why you had a late night, huh?” He nods, impressed, placing a cigarette in his mouth. “Nice.”

And suddenly I want to punch him, but I don’t. Instead, I focus on lighting my own and taking a deep breath.

“Who is she? Anyone I know?”

“Nah man, nothing like that.” I swallow and take another drag, hoping it’ll calm my nerves. “Just had a few drinks here last night after a night at the club, and everyone crashed.”

“Where?” He narrows his eyes.

“The girls took my room.” I mentally high five myself for thinking of that so quick. That gives a good excuse for Amelia to be showering in my room and not the other bathroom. “Brock had the spare room, and I crashed on the sofa.”

I take another drag of my cigarette. At this rate, I’ll be lighting up another one in a minute.  Anything to stop talking and answering his questions. The key to lying is not giving too many details, right?

“Brock’s still here?”

I shake my head, exhaling a puff of smoke as I pull my phone out. “Nah, Brock gave Lake a ride home on his bike earlier.”

Drew barks out a laugh. “I bet he gave her a ride.”

One punch. Just one. That’s all it would take. Straight in the jaw to shut him up.

But I don’t. I focus on my phone, sending a text, first to Amelia.

Grey: Lie…you, Lake and Brock came over for drinks last night. You all crashed here. Brock and Lake left this morning while you were asleep.

Then I send one to Brock.

Grey: If anyone asks, you, Lake and Amelia crashed at my place last night after drinks. You rode Lake home on your bike earlier this morning.

“So Amelia is still here?” He asks, knowing Lake won’t go anywhere without Amelia.

“Yeah.” I remain cool and calm, looking back down at my phone.

“We’ll leave as soon as she’s gone then.” He stubs out his cigarette in the ashtray, as I reach for my second one.

I groan and Drew gives me a curious look. “I feel like shit, man. I feel like I’m going to throw up. Maybe I should just stay here and go back to bed.”

“You’re bailing then?”

My phone buzzes on the table and I reach for it. “Yeah, sorry.”

Brock: Okay. That’s ironic.

 I don’t have time to contemplate Brock’s response because Drew shrugs. “Alright, whatever.” He stands as the sliding door opens and Amelia steps out, looking hot as fuck in last nights clothes, no make up and her hair dripping wet.

She gives a small wave. “Morning.” Before turning to face Drew, her eyes losing their spark. “Drew.”

“Hello stranger.” He smiles and moves over to her, pulling her in for a hug. “How have you been?”

My blood runs cold at the contact and Amelia stares at me with wide eyes. 

She swallows. “Good. Hungover.”

He releases her and she steps back, looking at me. “Where’s Lake?”

“Brock took her home earlier. She didn’t want to wake you.” She falls into a chair beside me and reaches for my smokes. She doesn’t smoke often, so I know she’s uncomfortable with Drew here.

“I was on my way out,” Drew says. “Mel, you want me to take you home?”

I don’t miss the slight shiver in her body as he calls her Mel. She always hated that name, but he never did notice or care. 

“No, it’s fine. I called a cab already.”

I whip my head around to her. She’s leaving?

Drew looks at me. “Later,” he says, before turning to Amelia. “It was nice to see you, Amelia.”

“Yeah, you too.” She brings her knees up to her chest and takes a drag of her cigarette.

“Lock the front door,” I yell to him. He flips me off.

Amelia sighs and twists in her seat so she’s facing me. “That was awkward.”

I ignore her statement, choosing to focus on the other thing she said. “You called a cab?”

She raises her head and screws her nose up. “No, but I can if you want me to. I only said that so I didn’t have to get in the car with him.”

“Come here.” I reach for her, pulling her on to my lap. “Stay with me today?”

She grins and lowers her mouth to mine. “Okay.” My phone rings, vibrating on the table, so Amelia reaches for it and hands it to me as she puts her cigarette out, mine a long forgotten burning ember on the concrete. 

“Brock,”she says, reading the caller id.

“Drew just called me to see where the fuck I was last night. Told him I crashed at yours after too many bourbons.”

“Shit, I thought he bought it.” I run a hand over my face and groan. Amelia leans in close, pressing her ear to the other side of the phone to listen.

“He did after I convinced him it was the truth. Why the fuck did lie to hi—?” he cuts him self off. “Amelia’s still there isn’t she?”

She chuckles and I remain silent.

“I can hear her, fuckhead. You did it, didn’t you? You finally manned up and got your girl. Did she put out?”

I cough and splutter. Amelia rubs a hand over my backing in soothing circles. “Dude, did she put out? How old are you?”

“It’s a valid question.”

“One I’m not answering.”

“Put Amelia on the phone.”

I close my eyes and angle my phone more toward Amelia. She chews on her lip to stifle the laugh she’s clearly holding back. 


“Did that pussy put out or what? He’s too chicken shit and won’t give me a straight answer.”

She grins. “Mmm, he did.”


“May have even been three times.”

I stare at her with wide eyes. It was twice.

“Bout time you two got your shit together.”

“Don’t tell me. Tell him,” she says.

“I have been. For years.”

“Brock,” Amelia’s tone changes. “Thank you. Thanks for having our backs with Drew.”

“Whatever. Just remember you owe me.”And then he hangs up.

“I did not put out three times,” I say, leaning in and licking her bottom lip.

She pushes off me and stands, holding her hand out to me. “You’re about too.”

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