Chapter 7



While Lake showered, I sat unashamedly on the bathroom counter and watched her. I tried unsuccessfully three times to join her. Each time I pulled open the door she threatened to go home and I didn’t want that. So I did what any self respecting guy would do, I pouted and watched through the steamed glass.


Grey called as Lake was massaging shampoo into her hair. “What?” I answered, pissed that he was interrupting my show.


“What are you doing tonight?” He asked.


I raised an eyebrow at Lake and smirked, knowing exactly what I wanted to do. “Might be busy. Why?”


“Wanna go to Cue?”


“Cue? Seriously? What happened to Amelia?” I asked, getting Lake’s attention. She slid the shower door open and stuck her head through, her eyebrows pulled together in a frown as she tried to work out what she was missing. 


I forgot to tell her earlier that Grey called while she was asleep. I’d been so relieved to find her dancing in the kitchen to a fucking boy band that it slipped my mind.


“Give me the phone,” she whispered.


“Amelia’s here. She wants to play,” Grey answered.


I barked out a laugh. That was her terminology. She’d say ‘let’s play’ when she wanted to go to Cue for a game of pool. Also, not missing the fact she was still at Greys place, like Lake was with me. 


“Give me the phone,” Lake stretched her hand out for it.


It was my chance. I stood and moved toward her, narrowing my gaze on her. “Let me in the shower.”


She chewed her lip and thought about it before nodding. 


“Who the fuck are you talking to?” Grey asked as I handed Lake the phone, and pulled off my shirt.


With her head still out of the shower and my phone pressed to her ear, she watched me strip. “What happened with Amelia?” she asked into the phone and paused while Grey spoke. “It’s Lake.” 


I slid between her and the shower door, stepping under the spray. 


“We’re not talking about me. What’s going on with you and Amelia… Grey… No… Is she there? Put her on the phone....”


“So demanding,” I leaned in and whispered in her ear. 


She shivered and elbowed me in the ribs when I slipped my arms around her waist, skimming her stomach. “Shut up and stop it,” she hissed.


“Make me.” I bit into the back of her shoulder. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to leave a mark. She groaned. Or moaned. I couldn’t tell. I was too fucking turned on from watching her shower for the last five minutes, which was only made worse by the fact she was still wet, and slippery, and leaning forward, careful not to let the water touch my phone.


Her arse, right there.


“Don’t hey me,” she said and it confused me for a second before I realised she was talking to Amelia. “What the hell did I miss? No… You first.”


I took that as my opportunity to see how far I could push her while she gossiped with her friend in the fucking shower.


Chicks. I’d never understand them. The conversation could wait another hour. 


I gripped her hips and pulled her back against me, so she could feel how hard I was. Dropping a kiss to the top of her shoulder, I trailed my hands back around her front, up her stomach and cupped her breasts.


She sighed and arched into my hands. I smirked. 


“What do you mean it just happened?” she asked, a little breathy but to Amelia, she wouldn’t sound any different.


I rolled her nipples between my fingers, tugging on them. “I can’t believe it. Took you long enough.”


She circled her hips until my cock was between her legs. I groaned. She was so warm and soft and I needed her. Dragging my hands down her body, I gripped her sides and spoke low in her ear. “Hang up the phone, Lake.”


“Make me...”


Challenge accepted. I thrust my hips, rubbing against She gasped. I smirked. I was getting somewhere.


“What? Oh, umm… I dropped the soap.”


I chuckled and thrust again, sliding my hands further down.


“No…I...Okay, yes. I’m at Brock’s. I...We…”


I paused my movements and waited to hear what she’d say. 


“I’m in the shower.”


With a growl, I dipped my hand between her thighs, sliding my fingers along her softness. She bucked and gripped the shower screen so tight her knuckles turned white. Her head dropped and she moaned.


“Shut up. No. Yes. Umm, I…” 


I teased her clit.


“Mmm...I...Cue?” Her breath was coming harder and faster. There’s no fucking way Amelia could miss it now. Every stroke of my finger against her sensitive flesh had her grinding against me, panting.


“Hang up the phone, Lake.”


“I…” she nodded, but she was clenching the phone tighter, almost as though she couldn’t let it go. I was pretty fucking convinced that she wouldn’t want Amelia to hear her come. “A-Amelia.”


I pushed a finger inside her and nearly lost my shit when she clenched around me, holding me there. As she relaxed, I slid my finger out and then back in again. 


She hissed. “Gotta go. We’ll see you later.” 


She ended the call and threw my phone out of the bathroom onto my bed. 


“Fucking lucky it landed on the bed.” I curled my finger inside her.


“You’re fault,” she moaned, leaning back against my body.


I pulled her back into the shower with me under the warm spray of the water. Wrapping my other arm around her chest, I grabbed her chin and turned her face back to mine. “Next time, don’t make me watch.”


“Okay.” She barely got the word out before I slammed my mouth against hers. 


Snaking her hand behind her back between us, she wrapped her fingers around my shaft, stroking me. Her movements paced with mine became more frantic with each thrust, more urgent.


We fucked each other’s hands while I fucked her mouth with my tongue, until she came apart in my arms, moaning my name against my lips as I blew my load all over her back.


And god damn if it wasn’t one of the best moments I’d experienced.


Handjobs...Who knew?


“So...Cue?” Lake said, breaking the silence before I had a chance to catch my breath.


“Cue.” I nodded even though she couldn’t see me. I kissed the side of her neck and turned her around to face me. “Or we could stay here and tell Grey to piss off.”


“I need to see Amelia. I have so many questions.”


I shook my head. “Girls.”


She grinned. “You love us.”


“Us? No. You… maybe.”


Her eyes widened and she gasped. “Maybe?”


“When you don’t piss me off.”


“Well you better love me now, because I’m sure I’ll piss you off by the end of the night.” She leaned up on her toes and brushed her lips against mine.


“No doubt about it.”


She kissed me softly and my arms wrapped around her, holding her tight to my body. “It’s one of my more endearing qualities.”


“It’s a quality, that’s for sure.” I bit her bottom lip, tugging it between my teeth.


“You’re lucky I like arseholes.” She teased.


I laughed. “You love them.”


Laked reached for the soap. “Sometimes.” 


With a lift of my eyebrow, I stared her down. “Sometimes?”


“Yeah, when you’re not being all mushy and romantic.”


I rolled my eyes. Only she’d prefer me when I was a dick to everyone. Maybe that was why this seemed so right. Unshakeable. Unbreakable. 


“Wash me?” she fluttered her eye lashes and pouted her lips.


With a scoff, I pinched her hip, and shoved the shower door open. “I’m not your fucking slave,” I said and climed out, wrapping a towel around my waist.


She sighed dramatically, placing both hands over her chest.“Be-still my beating heart. He’s a keeper.” 


“You’re a dick.”


“I love you, too.” She winked and turned her back to me but not before unleashing a stampede of fucking elephants in my stomach.


I was so screwed. 

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